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Product Design & Reliability.

After five decades of building Recreational Vehicles we know how to design and build a reliable RV with exceptional value. Dependable design, practical innovation and the comforts & features you desire ... all backed by a name that you can trust and genuine commitment to our customers ... adds up to an enjoyable RV experience with the Leader to the Great Outdoors. ...

We know from our 50+ years of experience in relationships with RV owners that a premium is placed on consumer friendly products. A product that is well thought through in its detail to "consumer friendliness" and "practical innovations" is important to RV owners… and that makes it important to us!

The difference in a good product versus a great product often lies in the detail designed into the consumer friendly features of a product and the reliability of the product. While this is part of our ongoing product development, at Coachmen we challenge ourselves daily to be the leader in developing consumer friendly and reliable RVs. In order to make sure we meet this goal, we must critically listen to our customers and look at our products through the eyes of our customer… and we do just that!

We design simplicity and functionality into every RV we build through practical innovations, functionality, efficient living designs, user friendly features and safety.

It is through the product input of our owners that Coachmen has been able to grow and develop products that meet the needs of our customers … for 50 years as the Leader to the Great Outdoors.

So whether it is a weekend get-away or a coast-to-coast vacation … look to a brand that you can trust and the Leader to the Great Outdoors.

Compare the Coachmen advantages and you will see why Coachmen is the “Leader to the Great Outdoors.”

Support After Your Purchase.

As we celebrate our 50th Anniversary we fully understand the importance of support after your purchase. As a matter of fact, some of our most loyal customers over our 50 years have resulted from support after the purchase. We value the relationships we have with our owners and stand behind you all the way with an excellent warranty and solid service, including hundreds of authorized Coachmen dealers and our Coachmen Owners’ Association that provides you a world of ways to enjoy your RV. It all adds up to an enjoyable ownership experience!

Coachmen gets the fundamentals right: building to the highest standards of safety, fit, finish, function and overall quality in each category… and then backing it up with superior warranty support. Just as in a home, an RV provides a number of opportunities for something to go wrong. While we work hard to assure that things do not go wrong, we make sure that our Warranty and Customer Service Support is there to take care of you if something does!

We take pride in working with you to keep your RV experience as enjoyable as possible. Our toll-free service hotline 800-453-6064 and online service support center provide you access to a Coachmen service representative as well as to trouble shooting tips, maintenance information, dealer locations and other helpful information on demand. With Coachmen, you could not ask for a more accommodating traveling companion.

Today, Coachmen is stronger than ever as part of Forest River Inc. So you can have confidence that we will be around to make your ownership worry free for a long time to come. Over our 50 year history we have built a nationwide network of loyal dealers and service centers who are committed to keeping your RV lifestyle trouble free. No matter where the open road takes you, you're never far from Coachmen's customer service and support.

Our support after your purchase extends beyond traditional service support to frequent and convenient use of your RV. Coachmen is proud to sponsor one of the largest manufacturer sponsored camping clubs in North America… Coachmen Owners' Association (COA). COA provides a broad breadth of value propositions for our owners including: planned trips/ tours and rallies at bulk rate discounts, free trip routing, free campground directory, free Easy RVing magazine, mail forwarding, a dedicated COA web site, local and state club activities and Caravan Chapter membership opportunities. Most importantly, COA enhances the Coachmen ownership and RV lifestyle experience. Every new Coachmen RV buyer is eligible for a 1 Year FREE membership in the Coachmen Owners' Association

RVing is about creating memories that last a lifetime… Coachmen Owners Association helps do just that.

Confidence & Peace of Mind.

At the foundation of Coachmen’s customer focus is our drive to provide the utmost in safety and long term satisfaction. To this end we never make safety features an option… they come standard! In addition, we use high grade components and have invested in quality construction practices that exceed other brands on the market. 

For additional peace of mind we provide Coachmen’s Travel Easy™ Roadside Assistance included for the first year of ownership on most new Coachmen RVs.  Administered by Coach-Net®, this service provides you with 24/7 operational, technical and emergency road service coverage. Also included are towing, fuel delivery, jump starts, lockout service, tire changes, mobile mechanic and unlimited technical assistance. 

Anywhere… Anytime… Travel Easy™ is the security of knowing that help is just a phone call away. 

Another Coachmen quality that creates confidence is our Green Certification!
Coachmen has been incorporating green materials and practices into its operations for years, however we wanted to challenge ourselves to a “greener” standard. Accordingly, Coachmen entered into an agreement with a professional third-party certification agency, TRA Certification, to confirm and certify our manufacturing facilities and our products. By involving a third-party, Coachmen has taken the steps to ensure to its customers that they are getting a quality RV that conforms to consensus standards for green construction.

Knowing that all Coachmen RVs have earned green certification through an accredited, certified third party agency provides confidence in our products

All Coachmen facilities incorporate extensive recycling of many materials including cardboard, plastic, aluminum, steel, copper wire and even styrofoam! The materials within Coachmen RVs are low-emitting and all units go through an in-depth quality evaluation off-site. Test water is recycled at all Coachmen plants as well as at their corporate testing facility.

An RV does not need to have fancy solar panels to be green. Green Certification of an RV takes a more holistic approach, examining multiple areas of the RV. Green is the result of a process using effective production techniques in combination with resource efficient and healthy materials to create products that satisfy consumer needs with minimal environmental impact. 

All Coachmen RVs have earned Silver to Gold status green certification through TRA Certification!

This all adds up to Confidence & “Peace of Mind” with your RV! 



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