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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Coachmen RV Company for Customer Service?




Coachmen RV Company
P. O. Box 30
Middlebury, Indiana 46540

How do I contact Coachmen Owners Association?


(888) 422-2582


Coachmen RV Company
P. O. Box 30
Middlebury, Indiana 46540

How do I find my nearest Coachmen dealer?

For Service and Parts:

Service Contacts
Call 1-800-453-6064

For Sales:

Dealer Locator
Or call 1-800-353-7383

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How do I obtain Coachmen Parts?

The Coachmen Dealer Network is the exclusive distributor of all Coachmen and Sportscoach Parts. To find your nearest Coachmen Dealer, utilize the Service Dealer Locator or contact us directly at

Note: Your selected Coachmen dealer will most likely need the Coachmen/Sportscoach Serial Number of the unit in order to research your parts inquiry.

Your satisfaction as a Coachmen owner is of the utmost importance to us. If you should experience any difficulty obtaining Coachmen parts through your Coachmen dealer, please contact us by phone 1-800-453-6064.

Note: While Coachmen can supply many parts for units not in current production, items such as Decor (upholstery, curtains, floor coverings, and furniture) and certain cabinetry items are "Run type" or "lot" items and typically are not available long after the model year's production cycle. It may be necessary to utilize a local upholstery or cabinet shop to obtain substitutes for these types of items.

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Where do I locate the Serial Number of my unit?

The Serial Number can typically be found on the following documents:

  • Title
  • Insurance Policy
  • Bill of Sale
  • Your Owner Registration Card (Supplied with new unit purchases only)

On the Recreational Vehicle- This varies by year but here are the most common locations:

Older Motorized: (1990 + Before)

  • Stamped into a tag which is mounted to the firewall under the hood.
  • (Rear Diesel-under rear wall hood)
  • Stamped in the entrance door frame (not the door) just above the striker plate. (Found when outside, facing the doorway, with the door open)

Newer Motorized: (After 1990)

  • Class A’s: Interior in drivers cockpit area, behind seat on sidewall or in cabinet above drivers seat
  • Exterior tag mounted on firewall framing under hood – front or rear (RD)
  • Class C’s: Sticker in door jam (drivers) and tag under hood to framing (passenger side)

Travel Trailer:

  • Stamped into the top of the A-frame in the front of the trailer.
  • Stamped into a tag which is mounted on the top of the A-frame.
  • Stamped in the entrance door frame (not the door) just above the striker plate. (Found when outside, facing the doorway, with the door open)

Fifth Wheel:

  • Stamped into the "Pin Box" frame. (Not the adjustable sleeve)
  • Stamped into a tag which is mounted to the "Pin Box" frame.
  • Stamped in the entrance door frame (not the door) just above the striker plate. (Found when outside, facing the doorway, with the door open)
  • Stamped into a steel crossmember in the lower front
  • Compartment (accessed from the front of the unit below the overhang i.e. the front jack leg area) on the driver's side.

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What does the Coachmen serial number look like?

  • Since 2009, units manufactured or sold by Coachmen RV a Division of Forest River Inc, all Coachmen serial numbers are 17 digits and the 1st 3 digits will be 5ZT.
  • Between 1981 and the acquisition of Coachmen RV assets by Forest River In, units manufactured and sold by Coachmen Industries have serial numbers with 17 digits and the 1st 3 digits will be either 1TC or 1TJ.

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Why could my Chassis be a different year than my RV?

This is a very common question within the RV industry, not just Coachmen. The chassis of a motorized product is purchased from a chassis manufacturer (Ford, Chevy, Workhorse, Freightliner, Spartan, etc.) as an "Incomplete Vehicle" (with an established chassis serial number). When Coachmen completes the vehicle, we assign a model year and a Coachmen serial number to the coach portion. The RV industry and chassis manufacturer model years change at different times. For example, Coachmen may introduce the 2002 model year unit in June of 2001, but the chassis manufacturer doesn't introduce the 2002 chassis until September of 2001.

Because Coachmen "Completes the Vehicle" and assigns the model year, the value of any Coachmen unit is determined by the model year of the Coachmen, not necessarily the chassis. This may vary by state.

Please don't hesitate to contact us by phone 1-800-453-6064 should you have any questions.

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What is the value of my Coachmen RV?

Coachmen RV Company is a "Wholesale" manufacturer of recreational vehicles. The value of a recreational vehicle is determined at a "retail" level and will vary with market conditions, condition of the RV and region. It is best to seek this information from your local Coachmen dealer or financial institution. However, the following web address is commonly used as an RV industry guide:

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Does Coachmen offer an Extended Warranty?

Coachmen RV a Division of Forest River Inc. provides a One-Year Limited Warranty. We do not offer any other type of warranty on our products. Many of the suppliers utilized by Coachmen warranty their own products, and some components may have a longer warranty through the actual component manufacturer.
Note: Most RV dealerships sell after-market “Extended Warranty Contracts” that have a variety of terms, conditions and time periods. These may be a viable option depending on your needs. We encourage you to be sure to thoroughly read and understand the contract before purchasing.

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Does Coachmen offer a Roadside Assistance Program?

RVing is easier with Coachmen's Travel Easy™ Roadside Assistance included for the first year on most new motorized and towable Coachmen RVs*. Administered by Coach-Net®, this service provides you with 24/7 coverage for the following services:

  • Towing to the nearest qualified repair facility.
  • Delivery of fuel and emergency fluids.
  • Changing of a flat tire.
  • Jump start for a dead battery.
  • Dispatching of a mechanic to the site of the disabled vehicle.
  • Delivery of locksmith services to your vehicle.

*See your dealer for details.

Travel Easy™ Benefit Guide (PDF 2MB)

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